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What Questions Do You Have About FMS?

By Peter Rafael Ferrer

The Financial Management Services (FMS) is a required component of Self Determination, so of course we hear questions, concerns, and misunderstandings regarding the agency and their business.

To summarize, FMS agencies are in charge of several actions;

  • Paying the bill for the services and supports being provided

  • Providing an accounting statement of things being paid for

  • Ensuring all employment, tax, and related laws are being followed

These actions seem simple, but the processes which occur in order to complete these actions require much more than pushing a button.

NeuroNav has written a guide to FMS agencies, in which several FMS representatives answer commonly-asked questions from service providers, coordinators, and individuals participating in Self Determination. You can find Part 1 of that guide here. For those in the process of comparing the different models of FMS agencies and deciding which model fits you best, you can find a flowchart to assist you with that here.

However, as the process of Self Determination ages and the number of participants grows, new questions and concerns arise such as “what were FMS agencies in charge of prior to self determination?” and “how do FMS agencies make payments?”

Some participants have expressed that they feel confused and lose confidence in the process of self determination because they don’t feel fully informed about the FMS. Some worry that the FMS will be taking a cut of the pay from the service providers which the planners have chosen. Others have said that the FMS is more of a deterrent from Self Determination because it is taking away from their total budget or that the agency is just another set of obstacles to jump through.

Answers to these questions would help participants, facilitators, and service providers through shedding light on a part of Self Determination not seen under traditional services. For those transitioning from traditional services, it would be ideal that the path toward Self Determination is well lit and understood.

Therefore, we would like your assistance towards making this journey easier and less daunting for everyone. If you have any questions for FMS agencies send them to as we will be conducting another set of interviews with FMS representatives. NeuroNav thanks all of you for your willingness to help, and we hope to provide you with the answers you seek!

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