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Summer Break for Students

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

By Eric Zhu

While summer is typically associated with a time of relaxation and fun, the sudden break from the structured schedule of school can sometimes feel disruptive to students who benefit from routine. Many parents worry that their children may experience challenges during the summer months away from formal schooling, but there are many ways for parents to ensure that their children will continue to progress and learn new skills.

For most families, it is useful to plan ahead for the summer, and maintain a familiar routine, even when traveling or participating in programs. For many children, it is beneficial to encourage time outdoors to help them learn through activities and stay active. Parents can also discuss their plans with their children to make decisions together for the summer.

There is no one formula as to how families should approach summer – there are many ways to keep students engaged with learning and fun. Some families opt to decrease therapy time during the summer, choosing to focus on other activities like summer reading programs, play time, swimming lessons, and family outings. On the other hand, some families use summer as a chance to increase therapy time and experiment with new augmentative therapies like horseback riding, aquatic therapy, vision therapy, and music therapy. Some families opt to include time spent at summer camps that offer part- or full-day activities. Whatever a family chooses for its youngest member or members, there are lots of options for summer fun and learning.

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