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Spotlight: Meet your Navigator Domi Lopez-Piper

Domi Lopez-Piper is a Service Navigator at NeuroNav.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology with a minor in social justice from the University of Mary Washington as well as a clinical doctorate in occupational therapy from Virginia Commonwealth University. Before starting at NeuroNav, Domi was working as a licensed occupational therapist in the pediatric realm, including early intervention, private in-home care, and the school setting. Additionally, she has worked with adults with disabilities in multiple capacities, both through volunteering as well as through clinical rotations focused on neurological conditions, mental health, and adult day services. Domi is passionate about person-centeredness and has witnessed how much it impacts quality of life, as she is also an advocate and caregiver for her mother, who has Parkinson’s.

In her free time, Domi enjoys singing, playing volleyball, spending time with her family, and advocating for social justice. She is also a board member and secretary for the nonprofit organization Latinas Leading Tomorrow, which she is giving back to with gratitude as a former participant who benefited immensely from their programming. The organization supports Latina youth in their academic, career, and personal growth pursuits through leadership training, community building, and mentorship. All in all, Domi’s number one motivation is the mission to intend kindness in all interactions.

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