Spotlight: Meet your Navigator Chynna Glasson

This spotlight focuses on Chynna Glasson, who recently joined NeuroNav as a Service Navigator!

Can you tell us about your education and background?

I got my bachelor's of art in child development with a minor in counseling from Sacramento State, then I took a year off before pursuing my master’s. I am currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Children’s and Family Studies, which is essentially like social work without the licensing to become a social worker. If everything goes well, I will finish in February.

Most of my career experiences have been with children. I did ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy for about three years. I’ve also worked in a preschool, in child care, and in a group home with at-risk youth. I’ve worked with transitional age youth, but haven't really worked with adults; I think the oldest client I had was 17.

One eye-opening experience for me was working in a girls group home, where people were at risk for child welfare concerns and CSS concerns. The girls were there for drug abuse, alcohol abuse and all kinds of trauma-inducing situations that no one should ever have to go through. I only worked there for about nine months, but it was the most challenging and rewarding nine months of my life. The goal was to transition them to either a foster home or another placement that would help them reach their goals if our agency wasn't able to provide the support that they need. It felt good to know that I helped these girls achieve small and larger goals. I learned a lot of listening skills here, which I hope to bring to NeuroNav—I think a lot of planners just need a listening ear for their hopes and dreams in order to create solutions.

What drew you to becoming a Navigator for NeuroNav?

For about three years, I worked with children with developmental disabilities. I also grew up with my cousin, who is on the autism spectrum. It’s great to see him achieve milestones, such as getting his driver’s license, that may come naturally or easily to others. Being able to be part of that journey is what drew me to NeuroNav.

What have you enjoyed about NeuroNav so far?

I really like the team that we have. The people that I get to work with are all very supportive, hardworking, and genuine—they're not trying to show off or be anything but themselves. They're all here because they have drive and passion.

Recently, I was in a discovery meeting with a client. Meeting with a planner was so exciting, and it felt great to know that I’m going to be part of his journey.

What are some of your goals?

Within NeuroNav as well as in my personal life, one of my goals is to become more outgoing and talkative. I don't like talking in front of whole groups of people—I want to be able to add more to discussions and be one of the first people to jump in.

Some other personal goals I have are to finish my master's program, have my wedding, and buy a house.

What motivates you?

Something that motivates me is the fact that I’m the first one to go to college in my immediate family. In college, I was exhausted the whole time and wanted to give up almost every day, but knowing that I’d be the first person to graduate in my family was a huge motivator. My parents have always been so supportive through it all, so seeing them be happy for and proud of me is also motivational.

Also, my fiance and I eventually want to have a family, so being able to have everything set up so that our kids don't have to struggle like he and I did when we were younger is important to me. I just really want to prove that I can achieve what I set my eyes on.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

In my free time I really just like to relax as much as possible, but go out and try new foods and explore new places with my fiance or my family or my friends. I also have two little dogs who are like my best friends.

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