Reflections on 2020 & Goals for 2021

To say that year 2020 has been the most unusual of years in recent history, with the sudden onset of a global pandemic early this spring, is an understatement. We here at NeuroNav want to both acknowledge and honor the fact that this year has not been an easy one for our special needs community and that it has affected all of us in different ways and to different degrees.

In the midst of this rather unprecedented year was the official launch of NeuroNav in May. With the support of our partners and customers, we took great strides in creating an organization to support people through any challenge of life. NeuroNav was founded with the belief that clients should live the life they want and we’re here to help them navigate the system. Our organization is made up of a wonderful and talented team with half of our staff being neurodivergent.

We’re excited to share some of this year’s highlights with you!

In March, Kim Schreiber, NeuroNav CEO, was selected by Stanford Business School to be a LOWKeyNote Speaker where she shared her vision of NeuroNav with over 2,000 people. Each year, there are more than 100 applicants and only a select group are given the opportunity to be a LOWKeynote speaker. You can watch her talk here: Kimberly Schreiber: Thinking Differently About Neurodiversity.

Our founders built and tested this vision to combine high quality service with a tech platform to empower individuals to design and customize their service plans for independence and inclusion. We officially launched our services in May of 2020 and we were awarded Stanford’s prestigious Social Innovation Fellowship in June of 2020. This outstanding achievement provided support and funding to expand our program.

As soon as the organization was up and running, we started serving and working with more than a dozen families to help their dreams become reality. We've built a database of over 10,000 service providers to be able to help families make more informed decisions about the services and supports available. Additionally, we have provided support to several families entering the Self Determination Program (SDP) and we have learned a heck of a lot along the way!

Soon after its launch, NeuroNav established partnerships with three regional centers: Golden Gate Regional Center, San Andreas Regional Center, and Regional Center of the East Bay. Through these partnerships, we’ll be able to offer our expertise and benefit from the support of other experts in the field. We have also developed a training curriculum to create a high quality standard of support and helped to grow the Independent Facilitator Network (IFN). The IFN aims to increase the availability and improve the quality of Independent Facilitators in California.

As we look to 2021, NeuroNav’s goals are big! As always, our overarching goal is to support as many self-advocates and their families as we can as they enter Self Determination so that they can enjoy more customized services. We’re also working hard to prepare for the statewide rollout of the SDP scheduled for June of 2021. As a part of that goal, we are building educational materials so people are up to date and informed about the benefits of this new program and decide if it’s a good fit for them. We’re also developing educational webinars and providing coaching for families that are interested in the program. NeuroNav is working to become a high-quality source of information about how to shift to SDP and all that entails. We continue to focus on building capacity and extending our reach to serve as many as we can.

We’ll continue to build tools and educational materials to help Independent Facilitators (IF) everywhere. We remain committed to providing training to a diverse and talented group of people to be the best navigators in the field. We will also be expanding and investing in our own in-house IF’s to better serve our clients.

This coming year, we’ll work to fine tune and calibrate our supports as we adjust to the changes that the rollout of the SDP brings . We aim to build a robust ecosystem of self-directed supports. Keep an eye out for our webinars where we share our knowledge and answer any questions people may have about SDP and available services.

We have another big year ahead of us and we’re excited to continue to grow and help the developmental disability community. Thank you for all your support throughout this journey. Wishing you happy holidays and a wonderful New Year!

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