NeuroNav Partners with RCEB

The NeuroNav team is excited to announce our partnership with the Regional Center of the East Bay (RCEB). We’re collaborating with Sanford Creative & Consulting on this contract to support individuals transitioning into the Self-Determination Program. Our team recognizes the unique and changing needs of individuals with disabilities and their families and we’re dedicated to serving those needs. This partnership offers us the opportunity to improve the quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the East Bay region.

A major component of the contract is providing support to those interested in transition into the Self-Determination Program (SDP). The SDP will open to eligible individuals in June of this year. The process to enter SDP can be confusing and understanding the differences from the traditional system can be challenging. This is why we’re working with the Regional Center of the East Bay to provide resources and coaching for those who are interested in learning more about the program.

In addition to supporting those interested in SDP, we are also working to train community members to be Independent Facilitators (IF). As a leader in Independent Facilitator services in the Bay Area, we were selected to share our learnings and to train community members in this new role of Independent Facilitation. IFs work with individuals who are enrolled in SDP to help facilitate the person-centered planning process, find services, manage staff, provide guidance on budgets and spending plans, and advocate for the client. This is an important role and this contract will allow us to work towards increasing the number of Independent Facilitators in the East Bay. This, in turn, will increase the amount of support available to individuals in SDP.

A large focus of the contract is dedicated to developing educational materials in several different languages to meet the needs of the diverse East Bay community. We will provide Self-Determination Program materials in English, American Sign Language, Spanish, and Cantonese. For community members who are interested in becoming Independent Facilitators, we will offer training in all of these languages as well.

We’re excited for this opportunity to work with RCEB to support the East Bay community. This partnership allows the NeuroNav team to extend our reach and support more individuals as they enter the Self-Determination Program. We’re grateful for the team at RCEB for partnering with us on these projects.

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