NeuroNav Launches with Self-Determination Program

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

NeuroNav is helping adults with disabilities enrolled in California's Self Determination Program chose the services and supports they need.

By Hari Srinivasan

“Nothing about us without us,” is the mantra of the Disability Rights movement. The state of California is putting this mantra into practice with its Self Determination Program (SDP). SDP prioritizes the needs and wants of neurodiverse individuals when it comes to determining how they live their lives.

California’s Self Determination Program was signed into law in 2013. With a pilot program currently underway for 2500 individuals, the program will be available to all Regional Center clients starting June 5, 2021.

Traditionally in California, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities relied on one of 21 Regional Centers to coordinate support services in an Individual Program Plan (IPP). On the other hand, SDP allows more freedom for individuals and their families in the selection of services that support the individual within the program guidelines and a budget.

NeuroNav is playing a critical role in helping to bridge the transition to SDP services. The Self Determination Process starts off with the creation of a person centered plan (PCP), which NeuroNav creates with its clients. The PCP is based on the goals of the individual, what they want to do now and in the future. For instance a person may decide that they want to live independently and need services like physical therapy, speech therapy, and support with daily living skills. The PCP takes input from a person’s circle as support, including family, friends, and service providers.

NeuroNav helps to create actionable goals and a plan to meet unmet needs. It also helps advocate for those needs to be incorporated into the IPP and annual budget. The budget is the fixed annual amount that the person can spend on supporting their needs based on their PCP.

NeuroNav works with its clients on an ongoing basis as an independent facilitator, harnessing its database of over 10,000+ service providers. As part of this role, NeuroNav matches clients to service providers, assists in hiring and overseeing service providers, and provides ongoing long term and short term check-ins to help clients support their goals.

The Self-Determination program is still in its infancy. According to the Statewide Self-Determination Advisory Committee, less than 10% of participants selected to the SDP program have made the transition. To help build out the self-determination ecosystem, NeuroNav is partnering with the Golden Gate Regional Center (GGRC), in collaboration with Sanford Creative & Consulting Services, to build a modular learning platform to help train Independent Facilitators.

NeuroNav believes that self-determination is the future of disability services in California. They are thankful to be entrusted by clients and partners to help navigate the way.

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