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NeuroNav awarded GGRC contract to train disability service navigators

Golden Gate Regional Center awards NeuroNav a contract to train independent facilitators in ramp-up for statewide launch of Self Determination Program

NeuroNav is building a program to train a new cadre of disability service navigators to help people with developmental disabilities access the services they need.

The training program is part of a collaboration with the Golden Gate Regional Center (GGRC) and Sanford Creative & Consulting Services. NeuroNav was awarded a contract to develop a mobile learning platform to train up to three-hundred independent facilitators in Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties.

The collaboration with the GGRC is part of an effort to build capacity for California’s roll-out of the Self-Determination Program. Under Self-Determination, people can choose and access services that meet their individual goals through a private “independent facilitator.” Over 350,000 individuals with developmental disabilities will become eligible for independent facilitation services in June 2021.

“California is in the middle of a big transition in how it delivers service to the disability community and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this change,” says NeuroNav Co-founder & CEO Kim Schreiber. “By partnering with local stakeholders like the GGRC committee, we work directly with the population we serve to design the tools we need in this space together.”

The contract was awarded by the GGRC’s Self Determination Local Advisory Committee (SDLAC). Sascha Bittner, the chair of the committee, believes the collaboration will help increase access to a more person-centered service delivery model for people with DD:

"I am so happy for the GGRC SDLAC to be working with NueroNav...I am particularly thrilled that they will collaborate with our SDLAC and other stakeholders to create a IF training that reflects the needs of our wonderful, diverse community so that people with developmental disabilities and their families have access to Independent Facilitators that will have a person-centered lens."

NeuroNav and Sanford Creative Consulting Services will be building curriculum over the next several months to train an inaugural cohort of independent facilitators. The training will equip facilitators with person-centered skills to help individuals with developmental disabilities identify their goals and service needs, locate and coordinate services, and advocate for resources.

In addition to live training, NeuroNav is developing curriculum for an online learning platform. Trainees will have access to step-by-step guides to independent facilitation, video content, and quizzes to assess progress and retention. The training will use technology by Learn to Win, a high-performance micro-learning platform.

The GGRC is also collaborating with NeuroNav and Sanford Creative & Consulting Services to host a virtual design hackathon where individuals with developmental disabilities, families, service providers, and social service workers will identify their aspirations for service navigation and design ideas on how an independent facilitator can meet those. If you'd like more information, email

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