NeuroNav awarded contract from SARC’s Self-Determination Advisory Committee

By Katie Sharp

We’re excited to announce that NeuroNav is partnering with the San Andreas Regional Center (SARC) Self-Determination Advisory Committee (SDAC) to prepare for the state-wide opening of the Self-Determination Program in June of 2021. NeuroNav and Sanford Creative & Consulting Services have received a contract to support selectees in successfully transitioning into the Self-Determination Program and to increase the capacity and quality of Independent Facilitators to provide support to SARC. The NeuroNav team will support the SDAC in their goals through the team’s diverse talents, strengths, and experience.

Beginning in June of 2021, more than 350,000 individuals with developmental disabilities will become eligible for California’s Self-Determination Program. This program provides individuals with more flexibility and choice regarding their services and supports. Each program participant may choose an Independent Facilitator to help them navigate the system. With this contract from the SARC Self-Determination Advisory Committee, NeuroNav will provide support to individuals transitioning into the program and develop training materials for Independent Facilitators.

Sabrina Kappe Ramos, NeuroNav co-founder, shared her enthusiasm about the contract, “This is such an exciting time to be at the heart of it all! It feels like the possibilities for families are going to open up so much in the next couple of years, and we love that we get to be a part of making this program successful. We plan to take everything that we’ve learned over the past year and use that to train the next generation of Independent Facilitators to prepare the Bay Area for the statewide opening of Self-Determination for all families in June of 2021.”

Over the next several months, NeuroNav and Sanford Creative & Consulting Services will work to fulfill the contract requirements including developing a high-quality orientation and self-determination training program for individuals, families, and support teams. The training will be hosted on Learn to Win, an online learning platform available on mobile and desktop devices. A series of short videos will be produced by Future Films, a film production company employing individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

NeuroNav recognizes that minority and historically underserved communities are often left out of the process and are therefore less able to take advantage of available resources. To address this need and show our commitment to diversity, NeuroNav will be providing culturally relevant materials for non-English speakers. At least 80% of the contracted funds will be used to support underserved communities. This will allow our team to support the needs of Spanish-speaking clients as well as other individuals of diverse backgrounds.

For more about the Self-Determination Program and NeuroNav’s services, click:

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