Neurodiversity Reads: Real by Carol Cujec and Peyton Goddard

By Caroline Garrett, Service Navigator

Join bookworm Caroline Garrett in celebrating neurodiversity with inclusive reads!

Real, inspired by a true story, is a novel about a 13-year-old girl, Charity, who has autism and is nonspeaking. Charity has been in a school for students with disabilities, but longs for an equal education alongside her typically developing peers. When she’s enrolled in her local public junior high school, she’ll have to figure out more than just academics as she navigates friendships, extracurricular activities, and her rights as a student with communication and behavioral differences.

Carol Cujec, writer, speaker, and parent; and Peyton Goddard, writer and self-advocate; are both based in San Diego. Together, their experiences and perspectives bring Charity’s voice to the page in a heartfelt story about the fight for inclusion and the right that everyone has to an education, regardless of their ability to communicate. The book has several short chapters, is about 300 pages long, and is written for a middle-school audience, but is appropriate for readers of all ages. Readers can find the book at Target, Amazon, Audible, and Barnes and Noble, or check with your local independent bookstore or library for a copy!

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