Meet Your Navigator: Sabrina Kappe

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Sabrina Kappe's personal experience inspires her to help neurodiverse adults access the services and supports they need.

By Hari Srinivasan

Sabrina Kappe, co-founder and service navigator at NeuroNav, did not receive her ADHD diagnosis until college.

Sabrina studied biology and environmental science. She worked hard and understood the material, but was unable to perform on test day. Discouraged, she approached Disabled Students Services. With their help, she obtained a formal diagnosis and found the support she needed to be successful. Sabrina still struggles with internalized emotions built up from years of harmful messaging about her neurodivergence.

Inspired by her own experience, today Sabrina works with adults with developmental disabilities to help them access the services and support they need.

Sabrina states her passion comes from her deep connection and belief in her clients:

“I think that one of the reasons why I’m so motivated by this company and working with people with developmental disabilities is because I see so much of myself in the people that we work with, and I believe so much that if people just have the right resources and the right tools, they can be successful.“

Sabrina is the lead Person Centered Planner and Independent Facilitator for NeuroNav. She spends time with her clients and their families to help understand who they are, their goals, and the support they need. Her role is also to navigate public and private resources to access services.

Sabrina describes NeuroNav's role as an expert navigator and creative problem solver:

“Our job is to be your navigator through this big complex government entity, to be an expert in the traditional system and in self-determination, and to be creative in thinking through novel solutions that help carry people through that process.”

Sabrina says her job requires think creatively to combine the system's resources with your community's resources to create a path forward:

“So when someone comes to us with a goal, we say lets think about what the system can do and what your community can do. Let's put those things together and turn them into an actual actionable plan and path forward. .”

Sabrina brings to her role years of experience in user-design, which has trained her on the importance of technology and data to help individuals. Sabrina is leading an effort to build a database of 10,000 + service providers . In addition, she is working to track outcomes to interventions. Sabrina believes that this data will help make better client-provider matches and insights into what works for each individual.

After Sabrina’s diagnosis, she recalls having no choice but to be put on a medication with severe side-effects. She was able to work outside the system to find a doctor to change her medication and dosage. Sabrina believes all people should have more freedom and choice with their services. “You shouldn’t be stuck in a system that gives you what they give to everyone, even if it’s not working for you.”

Sabrina hopes to help more people have that choice with NeuroNav's person centered planning and independent facilitation platform.

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