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Person Centered Planning

We help you get started with self determination.

The person-centered planning process helps you imagine what’s possible and the path to make it happen. 


Through a series of workshops, we work with you and your circle of support to discover and chart the path toward your vision of the future. With these insights, we develop an actionable person-centered plan. We can also help you present your plan to the regional center, negotiate your individual budget, and create your spending plan.


NeuroNav is a leading provider of person centered planning in California. We’ve spent hundreds of hours working with clients to develop their person centered plans and advocate for their needs with their regional center. Our planners are certified in Person Centered Thinking through The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices.

The cost of our Person Centered Planning services are $2500. These costs are covered by the regional center for self determination participants, with no draw from your budget. 


How we do it


Our certified person-centered planners work with you and your loved ones to get to know your needs and goals. We break down your long-term dreams on a multi-year timeline, moving toward actionable goals in areas such as education, housing, employment, financial skills, behavioral management, socialization, and medical planning.


Our specialists match you or your loved one to the right services at the right time according to your plan, harnessing a rich database of services and technology tools to do so. We can also help you advocate for resources to meet your needs and vet service providers using peer reviews and background checks.


We check in with you and your loved one regularly to track progress toward goals, introduce you to new service providers, and provide expert guidance to navigate any bumps in the road.

Not yet enrolled in California's Self Determination Program?

Self Determination is now available to all regional center consumers as of June 2021.  

This link is for those who'd like a person centered plan from NeuroNav in order to enroll in self determination.

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