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We Are With You. We can help you navigate California's Self Determination program (SDP)- where you can make the choices right for YOU.
For people with developmental disabilities and their families, choices about the support and services you need are too often made by someone else. 
The California Self-Determination Program (SDP) allows you to spend your allocated budget on variety of statewide services to support you or your loved one.

This means more options, more flexibility, and more opportunities for cost savings.  

  • You choose your providers
  • You choose your services
  • You choose every part of your life!

We believe that you and your families are in charge. And we are with you along the  journey, helping to coordinate and advocate for the services and support you need!
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consultation with NeuroNav! 

*If you are completing this form for your own services , you are the Consumer. If you are a parent or caregiver completing this for a family member, please enter their information as the Consumer. 

What service are you looking for?

Want choice and flexibility in your disability services? 

Transitioning into
Self-determination Program(SDP)

We help you navigate all the steps to enter SDP! Together, we develop an actionable person-centered plan (PCP). We also help you present your plan to the regional center, negotiate your individual budget, and create your spending plan. 

We work closely with you and your support circle to build a self-determination oriented plan that considers your budget and needs while handling all logistics and pricing.

Did you know?  This cost is completely covered by your Regional Center in addition to your individual services budget at no personal expense to you! 

Ongoing Independent Facilitation (already in SDP)

We provide ongoing support to help you find, hire, and advocate for the services and support you need through California’s Self Determination Program.

Our navigators, who are trained through the State Council on Developmental Disabilities, guide you through Self-Determination so you have a seamless, delightful experience.

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