We can help you navigate the self determination program.

Sign up for a free 45 minute virtual consultation from one of our certified planners. Consultations are for self-advocates and their families to learn more about self determination and person centered planning. 

Did you know?  The cost of an initial person centered plan can be covered by the regional center for participants in California's Self Determination program.

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Free Consultation

How we do it


Our certified person-centered planners work with you and your loved ones to get to know your needs and goals. We break down your long-term dreams on a multi-year timeline, moving toward actionable goals in areas such as education, housing, employment, financial skills, behavioral management, socialization, and medical planning.


Our specialists match you or your loved one to the right services at the right time according to your plan, harnessing a rich database of services and technology tools to do so. We can also help you advocate for resources to meet your needs and vet service providers using peer reviews and background checks.


We check in with you and your loved one regularly to track progress toward goals, introduce you to new service providers, and provide expert guidance to navigate any bumps in the road.

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