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Live the life you want

Navigating life together for adults with developmental disabilities

Why NeuroNav?

Every person has aspirations for their life.


For people with developmental disabilities and their families, choices about the support and services you need are too often made by someone else. 


We believe that you and your families are in charge. We provide person centered planning and independent facilitation to identify the future you want and the steps to get you there. To do so, we’re harnessing collective intelligence to match you to the service providers right for you. We are with you along the journey, helping to coordinate and advocate for the services and support you need.


Our tools and techniques are the result of years of research at Stanford University, alongside neurodiverse customers, practitioners across the system, and experts at the Stanford Neurodiversity Project. 


We are currently providing service to self-determination program participants in California.

"I just want to do what’s right for my kid, but I have no idea if what I am doing is enough."

Suzie W. - Parent of a son with Autism

"I just want to do what’s right for my kid, but I have no idea if what I am doing is enough."

Suzie W. - Parent of a son with Autism

Person Centered Planning

We work with you and your care team to identify your goals and create an action plan to help you move forward in California’s Self Determination Program. 


Our navigators are certified in Person Centered Thinking through The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices.

Independent Facilitation
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We provide ongoing support to help you find, hire, and advocate for the services and support you need through California’s Self Determination Program.

Our navigators are trained through the State Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Our Services

You are a bright light in a dark fog.
You were masterful at making the regional center staff buy in and become a part of our Team.
Mom, that meeting was awesome because it was all about ME!

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About Us

We are neurodiverse.
Our families are neurodiverse. 

Through our experience advocating for ourselves and our family members, we came to realize there must be a better way to navigate services and support in a person-centered way.


We kept asking: Why is navigating the system so complex? Why are the right service providers so hard to find and to coordinate? 


These questions inspired us to create NeuroNav, a personalized planning and service facilitation hub. We want every person and their families to feel empowered, informed, and secure in charting their own life.

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